Our Journey to Protect Nature

Today, environmental sustainability and nature conservation have become critical elements that shape the way a brand does business. At this point, as Baby Icon, we have the mission of appreciating nature and leaving a more livable world to future generations. This is how our brand’s path in environmental sustainability begins.

Product and Packaging Sustainability

Baby Icon is committed to the environmental friendliness of its products and packaging. Recyclable packaging is combined with environmentally friendly product designs and produced without harming both the sensitive skin of babies and the nature.

Energy efficiency

As Baby Icon, we base our support on renewable energy sources on energy efficiency. We aim to minimize our impact on nature by using renewable energy in our business, production and internet communication processes.

You can look at our Ecological Design page to see what we do about this.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Baby Icon attaches importance to complying with environmental standards and respecting fair trade principles by creating a sustainable supply chain. By collaborating with our suppliers on sustainability, we aim to take more effective steps together.

Waste Management

With its recycling programs and zero waste targets, Baby Icon aims to launch new campaigns in waste management. We are creating a campaign to reduce waste by raising awareness of our consumers and encouraging their participation.

Social Responsibility Projects

Baby Icon aims to contribute to society and the environment by continuing its support to nature conservation projects. We try to include our customers in this valuable mission with nature-friendly campaigns and events.

Innovation and Use of Green Technology

With environmentally friendly technologies and innovative processes, Baby Icon sees making its products and business processes environmentally friendly as the cornerstone of its sustainability strategy.

Education and Awareness

We aim to increase awareness by providing regular training to our staff and customers about environmentally friendly practices. We use our communication channels with campaigns and events to raise awareness of our customers on environmental issues.

Decarbonization Efforts

Baby Icon is committed to efforts to decarbonize business processes and product development. It monitors carbon emissions and aims to contribute to the balance of nature by developing reduction strategies.